Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Ensuring Development Project Sustainability and Longevity

Ensuring Development Project
Sustainability And Longevity

At the very start of food’s journey – food’s first mile – is where some of the greatest challenges facing humanity occur: deforestation, child labor, and poverty. NGOs tackle many of these issues by working closely with the local population. And as food’s first mile is our passion, this is where we can have the greatest impact by providing the technology to help NGOs on their mission.

Sustainability & longevity

A major challenge that NGOs face is ensuring the sustainability and longevity of development projects – in other words, enabling farming communities to continue to thrive and secure livelihoods once an NGO has moved on to another community in need. Sustainability is a crucial factor for project evaluation as well as for the donors that help to fund NGO development projects.

How Farmforce helps

At Farmforce we have worked on implementation projects with NGOs focusing on food security and various service and humanitarian functions. These projects are structured around collecting impact data and delivering actionable insights to support decision making. This allows NGOs to give the local farming population the tools they need to sustainably continue their farming operations in the long term.

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