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Traceability Depends On Having Visibility Into Your First Mile

Farmforce is the comprehensive first mile traceability solution at scale.

Used by field staff collecting data from farmers, Farmforce’s Mobile App collects, processes and secures critical supply chain data.

Used by operations or sustainability managers, our Web Platform gives our customers the big picture on all the data collected, identify potential risks, and take corrective actions.

Farmforce brings compliance and sustainability to all.


Traceability, at Farmforce, means…

Farmers Database & GPS Mapping

Our tech equips agricultural enterprises with a robust system for farm management and geospatial insights, demonstrating our commitment to resource allocation and processes. Read More

Farming Inputs & Planting Campaigns

Detailed record keeping will empower organizations to efficiently manage inputs and execute impactful planting campaigns for enhanced productivity and sustainability, and increased yields. Read More

Harvesting & Purchasing

Enhance efficiency and transparency by streamlining the harvesting and purchasing process. Gain insight into your harvest, no matter how often, and visualize your past, current, and future purchases. Read More


Modern companies need more in-depth traceability…

Deforestation Monitoring

Combat deforestation with our tools that leverage technology to track and mitigate forest loss, demonstrating your commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable land management. Read More

Child Labour Monitoring

Discover the power of our technology in promoting ethical and responsible business practices while safeguarding the rights of children. Our CLMRS system is here for compliance and more. Read More

Digital Payment

Engage tailored solutions that empower insightful reports, underscoring how our tech enables data visualization, complete with optimizing decision-making, and strategic planning. Read More

Yield Forecasting

Engage the benefits of data-driven insights that empower agricultural organizations. Predict and plan for crop yields, ultimately improving resource management and decision-making. Read More

Certification Process

We provide holistic solutions that enable the capacity to predict and plan crop yields but support achieving and maintaining essential certifications. Enhance your sustainability efforts. Read More

Global Monitoring

Deliver real-time visibility and control over global operations. This enhances supply chain efficiency, allows informed decisions, and ensures accountability for improved market competitiveness.

Tackling the First Mile

Using our solutions allows for sourcing and sustainability monitoring globally.


178 million hectares have been lost in the last 30 years

Child Labour

+20% of all children in developing countries work

Illegal Chemicals

75-87% of farmers surveyed use hazardous pesticides


46% of all organisations experienced fraudulent practices in 2022

Extreme Poverty

650 million people in the world live in extreme poverty

Low Yields

44 countries in need
of more food due to low crop yields

Smallholder Farmers Produce the World’s Food

Visibility In the First Mile Is a Necessity

Visibility means traceability. Traceability software allows companies to identify areas where improvements can be made & provides insights for implementing sustainable solutions.

This is where Farmforce SaaS steps in.


Compliance with new regulations generates new requirements from brands

European Regulations on Deforestation-Free (EUDR) Products

Consultation on Implementing Due Diligence in Forest Risk Commodities

Stay Compliant With the Environmentally Sound Trade (Forest) Act

Remain Compliant or Ahead of the Ivorian “Code Forestier”

Enhance Your Efforts Towards the Ghanaian Forest Legality Initiative

Brand Influence and Trust

Consumers increasingly demand sustainable food, while corporations are challenged with a lack of ESG data.

of consumers
say they have changed their purchasing choices within the past year to make a difference in environmental, social, economic and political issues

of 30+ institutions across Europe and North America
say that quality and lack of data is the biggest challenge when identifying ESG and climate-related risks and opportunities

Solutions by Organization

Investing in advanced traceability solutions can safeguard profits while meeting regulatory requirements.

A food processor uses a paddle with seeds or beans


MNCs can differentiate themselves and their products from the competition. By using local and global data and insights, sustainability and cost saving procedures are quickly beneficial.Read More

Coffee Farmers


Our SaaS allows organizations to build farmer skills in production and promote rural development, agricultural productivity, risk management, and other policies.Read More

Spreading cacao to dry


With us, NGOs can tackle many issues by working closely with the local population. We've accomplished the greatest impact by providing the technology to help NGOs on their mission.Read More

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