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We Take A Pragmatic Approach To Understanding How Our Customers Operate

At Farmforce we invest the time to listen and analyze your needs and the specific challenges you are facing on the ground during food’s first mile, and we curate a dedicated team to define a solution tailored for your business requirements. As part of each implementation, we make sure the users receive the right training, and we continue to provide support and innovation throughout the customer lifecycle. Great technology combined with an engagement model and experienced people who implement our solutions are the recipe for success.

Farmforce Connect

In our continuous loop on innovating with our customers, Farmforce is now piloting Farmforce Connect, an App that will be our first solution to be put into the hands of farmers worldwide. We’re exploring many use cases with a select number of pilot customers.

The barrier to entry with smartphone penetration continues to drop.

Our solutions are built to run offline and access to connectivity continues to improve. Hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers and producers will benefit from immediate access to agronomic knowledge, weather forecasts, input deals, coaching, farmer development plans, buying offers, and the ability to provide farmer and field data along with family and other important data. All of this is done with the design principles of gamification and low literacy levels, and the intention of delivering access to education, creating farmer identities and digital footprints for the unbanked, and linking family data for better targeted interventions for measurable SDG impact for our largest customers.

Stay tuned for updates in 2024 as we continue to drive innovation in food’s first mile.

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