Cooperatives, Aggregators & SMEs

Enhancing Farm Management Operations Through Tech

Enhancing Farm Management
Operations Through Tech

Smallholder farmers account for around 90% of the world’s 570 million farms. Faced with limited choices, they are often trapped in a vicious cycle of low-intensity, subsistence-oriented farming, and low yields. Many farmer organizations, cooperatives, producer groups, aggregators, and SMEs help build farmer skills in production and promote rural development, agricultural productivity, and anti-poverty policies.

Lack of knowledge & access to finance

Insufficient profits prevent smallholder farmers from acquiring the goods and services they need to invest in the future of their farming operations, and they have no access to structured finance or limited access to micro-loans. Many also lack the knowledge required to improve productivity and maximize their small production areas while managing shared, limited natural resources.

How Farmforce helps

We digitize food’s first mile and enable comprehensive farm management among smallholder farmers. Improved monitoring of farm development, increased production, and compliance with certification standards leads to more opportunities to access local markets. Our technology allows smallholder farmers and cooperatives to create a digital economic identity and financial history to secure financing. 

Lack of transparency

Cooperatives and other kinds of farmer organizations need complete transparency throughout their food supply chain, beginning with the farmer’s field. Many smallholder farmers have little or no experience in how to deal with the various humanitarian and environmental issues in their farming operations. This poses major threats to the sustainability of their farming practices. 

How Farmforce helps

Our technology enables field-level transparency in their food supply chains, which means that contamination sources – such as excessive chemical residues – are detected quickly, preventing significant costs to the economy and public health. Issues such as child labor and deforestation can also be eliminated from smallholder farming activities.

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