Farmforce Raises EUDR Awareness at World of Coffee

We gladly attended the World of Coffee event in June 2023 in Athens! With a beautiful setting, the coffee tastings and EUDR conversations had a lovely backdrop. Below are the key points we wanted to share post-event.

We are a leading software provider for traceability and transparency in smallholder supply chains. We are able to monitor EUDR compliance, and you can, too! Using a Farm Management Tool you can reduce risk to your coffee and deforestation issues.

To prepare for attendance, we wanted to make sure we helped as many companies as possible. We had one question in mind: How can Farmforce help the coffee industry gain EUDR compliance?

We are a leading software provider for traceability and transparency in smallholder supply chains. With that, we are able to monitor EUDR compliance.

EUDR & Coffee

One thing we noticed at the World of Coffee event was how relaxed the industry seemed with the new EUDR regulations, and through many conversations, we realized many were not aware of EUDR and its many effects towards coffee specifically.

One industry trend seems to be the practice and labelling of “natural” and “unwashed” coffee and coffee beans. This will most certainly need traceability to keep up with EU regulations, not only about deforestation but towards greenwashing rules as well.

Farmforce Engages EUDR

Farmforce representatives Rodney Muriuki and Norbet Binot enjoyed several coffee cupping sessions with potential customers. One particularly exciting event was a workshop with Fairtrade Country representatives demonstrating the IMS traceability & Deforestation monitoring – For Fairtrade LatAM, Fairtrade Africa & Fairtrade Asia.

During these cupping sessions, we began to realize the industry-wide lack of awareness about the 4% yearly turnover fine for companies not in compliance with EUDR. With this in mind, we enjoyed seeing the community that has been built over the last several decades within The World of Coffee and the coffee industry more broadly.

That being said, there were attendees from all continents – The Americas, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc. All coffee-producing countries were present, with representatives from their associations and governments, which gave a good opportunity to discuss the potential of national traceability & deforestation monitoring systems; again, we see national traceability systems as a trend across all crops and supply chains.

Stay Tuned

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