The First Mile Traceability Barometer Report

This report seeks to provide an insightful analysis of the EUDR’s influence on the agricultural industry. We aim to enable stakeholders to:

  • Comprehend the Regulatory Landscape
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Embrace Sustainable Practices & Regulations

The First Mile Traceability Survey and this accompanying report reveal insightful trends in the agricultural market, particularly below, in four key areas:

Traceability Belongs To Sustainability

Traceability lies within a “Sustainability Umbrella”.

Priority #1 Farm Level Traceability

Whereas it’s their first sustainability objective, companies struggle to achieve farm level traceability.

High Risk of Import-Related Deforestation

A need for digital tools that ensure forest-friendly sourcing.

Embracing EUDR Compliance

Industry-wide, there is a lack of readiness for EUDR compliance.

The EUDR will inevitably disrupt agri-business worldwide & across supply chains. Valuable stakeholders can ensure compliance and safeguard profits by investing in advanced traceability solutions.

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Survey Background


Through Q1 & Q2 of 2023, Farmforce conducted The First Mile Traceability Survey to:

Gauge the level of first mile traceability in the agri‑business.

Explore preparedness and perceived challenges companies face towards EU Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) compliance.

Gain insight into trending agri‑business topics.

Allow respondents to assess their positioning against competitors and tap into valuable intel to comply with upcoming regulation.

Optimise first mile traceability solutions based on respondents’ views.


  • The survey consisted of 29 questions.
  • The survey was widely distributed through our email database.*
  • Featured on the Farmforce Twitter & LinkedIn pages.
  • Free, Online & processed using Typeform.

*Our audience is primarily Europe-based importers & producers.

This checklist was made by Farmforce in conjunction with responses.

Overall, 87 respondents completed The First Mile Traceability Barometer Survey.

The Traceability Barometer Report

Free Insightful Analysis and Trends for Your First Mile