Sustainable Product Traceability

We are deployed by the #2 global cocoa purchaser to accurately trace product to its source.
Use Farmforce’s custom functionality to ensure your organization has full value chain product traceability for each kg of production, down to an individual farmer’s field level. Have confidence that you’re only supporting sustainable production.

GPS Mapped Fields, Buying Centers, Purchases
Map fields and record GPS coordinates at the point of cocoa purchase

Barcode Scanner
Scan a physical barcode on a bag with the app, link to a certified farmer and field

Real-Time Quota Tracker
Automatically update certified quota per farmer as you buy beans

Rebagging Visibility
Manage cocoa lot creation and track rebagging for clarity of origin

Agriculture value chain product traceability of smallholder farmer and more.

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Addressing SDGs

Sustainable Product Traceability

Benefits for Farmers and Buyers (Cooperatives, NGOs, MNCs)

Solutions for Cooperatives, NGOs, Aggregators and MNCs

Driving Smallholder Impact

Digitizing Supply Chain Data

Features and functionalities

The digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

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