Features and functionalities

Farmforce: Enabling Sustainable Engagement with Farmers

At its core, Farmforce is a tool for engaging with farmers. Our web and mobile platform enable more transparent and effective engagement between organization and smallholder farmers, driving mutual value. Over six years, we’ve built, continuously improved and deployed world-wide deep functionality to support your operations in the office and in remote rural areas across emerging markets.

Whether you’re a Multinational procuring sustainable cocoa from farmer cooperatives, a local agribusiness procuring crops for brewing, a farmer group exporting certified horticulture abroad or an NGO working to improve the livelihoods of 10,000+ farmers, we have specific capabilities for you to build a digital-enabled organization with visibility over your operations and impact.

Tracing Cocoa

The Origin of Chocolate: Managing A Cocoa Bean’s First Mile
traceability, manage procurement from the farm level, GPS-based product provenance, sustainability, coop and farmer engagement, high value crops

1. Dynamic Farmer Database – know about the farmers you source from and where their field are located with GPS mapping

2. Certification Audits – collect all the data necessary for certification compliance via Farmforce in a transparent process, giving your customers confidence in the authenticity of your products

3. Disperse Input Loans – support farmer productivity with inputs given at the start of the season on credit, tracked on Farmforce

4. Harvest Purchases – record purchases made from individual farmers in the field and print a receipt

5. Harvest Payments – build a transparent record trail at the point of harvest purchase, select how the farmer is paid via cash, towards outstanding loans or via mobile money

6. Quota Management – with real-time, farmer specific purchase records on Farmforce, you can track how much cocoa a farmer has delivered towards a certified quota

7. Bag-level Traceability – by attaching a barcode to a bag of cocoa, that barcode is now digitally linked to a farmer’s field and a certification status that can ensure product credibility down the value chain

8. Rebagging – To ensure product authenticity

More on Farmforce

Farmforce is committed to leveraging technology to support agricultural development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Addressing SDGs

Farmforce sustainable product traceability functionality including Barcode scanner, Real-Time quota tracker and etc.

Sustainable Product Traceability

The agriculture Software as a serveice technology can help and give benefits for farmers and buyers.

Benefits for Farmers and Buyers (Cooperatives, NGOs, MNCs)

Farmforce is used by buyers in over 30 agricultural value chains, bringing specific benefits to a range of buyer categories.

Solutions for Cooperatives, NGOs, Aggregators and MNCs

The agriculture technologies deploy practical to support smallholder farmers sustainability in supply chains.

Driving Smallholder Impact

Digitizing the supply chain is the movement toward a completely integrated sequence of farmer quality of life.

Digitizing Supply Chain Data

Web and mobile platform features and functionalities enable more transparent and effective engagement between organization and smallholder farmers, driving mutual value.

Features and functionalities

The digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

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