Driving Smallholder Impact

Our goal is to deploy practical technologies to support farmers to reap the benefits of their hard work through profitable and secure long-term relationships with agribusinesses.

Sustainability in supply chains requires that smallholder farmers have decent incomes and are able to compete globally. Farmforce is ICT4Development, with farmers on the platform experiencing:

Enhanced Market Access
With digital traceability and efficient certifications farmers sell to more lucrative global markets. Our passion fruit farmer clients in Kenya are paid double the price/kg

Business-Oriented Farmer Groups
Leveraging the Farmforce tool farmer groups can become more professional and can focus on farming as a business, not simply subsistence

Reduced Fraud
Digital record keeping and printed receipts reduce opportunities for fraud at the expense of farmers

Quantify Benefits and Impact
Ability to scale up more optimal solutions thanks to robust data analysis by cooperatives and agribusiness on impacts of input packages, training, etc.

Farmforce deploy the Technology Information Communication for development to smallholder farmers to have a good life in agribusinesses.

More on Farmforce

Farmforce is committed to leveraging technology to support agricultural development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Addressing SDGs

Farmforce sustainable product traceability functionality including Barcode scanner, Real-Time quota tracker and etc.

Sustainable Product Traceability

The agriculture Software as a serveice technology can help and give benefits for farmers and buyers.

Benefits for Farmers and Buyers (Cooperatives, NGOs, MNCs)

Farmforce is used by buyers in over 30 agricultural value chains, bringing specific benefits to a range of buyer categories.

Solutions for Cooperatives, NGOs, Aggregators and MNCs

The agriculture technologies deploy practical to support smallholder farmers sustainability in supply chains.

Driving Smallholder Impact

Digitizing the supply chain is the movement toward a completely integrated sequence of farmer quality of life.

Digitizing Supply Chain Data

Web and mobile platform features and functionalities enable more transparent and effective engagement between organization and smallholder farmers, driving mutual value.

Features and functionalities

The digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

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