Case Study with Kütaş Herbs & Spices, McCormick Supplier

Through the Farmforce Case Study Series, learn how the global leader in oregano leverages Farmforce to efficiently manage organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications to supply to McCormick.

As the world’s largest producer of pure oregano, a majority of the global market, and a leader in processing Mediterranean herbs for over 20 years, Kütaş focuses on their strong sourcing relationships to reliably increase high-quality supply. Working up the value chain with small and medium scale farmers, Kütaş implements good agricultural practices and has organic, GLOBALG.A.P. and Rainforest Alliance certifications to meet the quality and sustainability specifications for buyers like McCormick & Company. With global demand increasing and additional certification pressure with sourcing from hundreds of local smallholder farms, Kütaş sought a solution to expand its certified farmer base whilst at the same time more efficiently and effectively manage their growing operations.

Download the full case study here:

Kutas-McCormick Farmforce Case Study 2020

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