Interveg started working with Farmforce in 2013, with aim to improve their internal processes.

Interveg Exports started in Nairobi, Kenya in 2003 with just one customer. Interveg was formed from a simple idea, to open up Africa's purest horticulture produce to the world. They are perfectly located within the precinct of the international airport in Kenya and are now a fully fledged company, that export their products to vast markets across Europe and the UK. Their products include French Green Beans, Sugar Snaps and Snow Peas.

Before Farmforce:

Interveg were slow to react to problems, they used a paper based process to report issues with crops to the field staff, which were recorded manually, before being passed to head office. Therefore, reaction times to problems were slow, meaning further crops were getting damaged. With a lack of visibility for tracking the farmers actions, often crops were sprayed before it was safe to do so, resulting in failure of compliance standards. Reporting was carried out manually, with the pack house check list taking around three hours, each time to be completed. Paper based processes were also at risk of being lost or damaged. With no electronic systems, field staff could often provide incorrect data, which could lead to fraudulent cases and stealing of goods.

Farmforce at Interveg:

With Farmforce, data can be accessed anywhere via a mobile device. This helped Interveg to make rapid decisions, so they could report damaged crops in real time. It enabled notifications so that chemical recommendations could be made to the farmer, to immediately protect crops from further damage. Interveg used Farmforce to receive alerts when a farmer is planning to perform an action where they will apply chemicals or fertilizers before it is safe to do so. This helps put a process in place to stop this event and prevent failure of compliance standards. 

The mapping functionality uses the GPS to allow Interveg to accurately record the shape and size of the farmer's field, automatically calculating correct dosages of fertilizer and chemicals. The GPS also helps to identify where the field agents are and helps to monitor their daily activities. The recording of field staff helps to protect Interveg against ghost farmers and electronic data means the accuracy of collected data has improved. Interveg used to manually carry out their pack house checklist process, which is now carried out on Farmforce electronically. This now takes around an hour to complete, meaning a reduction in time of over 60%


GlobalG.A.P. is the world’s leading farm assurance program. Their compliance standards involve the need to meet a checklist of requirements and provide evidence in the form of documents and photographs. Farmforce has helped to simplify the GlobalG.A.P. processes by recording and storing the data in a digital form. There has been a 50% reduction in time taken to complete the necessary digital checklists, now taking around 4 hours.

Evidence of hygienic procedures, personal protective clothing, harvesting containers used exclusively for harvesting, plant protection products storage and fertilizer storage to name a few need to be recorded. Photographs of examples such as those mentioned above can be taken using a mobile device and stored directly into Farmforce as evidence to meet compliance. There are many farms needing certification, which require a large amount of storage and organisation. Farmforce enables Interveg to store all audit reports in an organised and digital format in a centralized, safe and secure system. 

Measurable Results

Farmforce has proven to be a valuable investment for Interveg. Thanks to Farmforce, Interveg have a better overall transparency of their operations at a farmer level and have further ensured data integrity, with traceability being tracked via GPS and photographic evidence.

Farmforce provides Interveg with a view of information and allows them to receive alerts in real time, giving them the power to act upon this immediately and therefore further saving themselves from damaged crops or failing compliance and inspections.

GlobalG.A.P. checklists now can be completed in 50% less time, with automated processes now meaning a 60% reduction in packhouse processes. These processes have become electronic, meaning that data is stored safely and securely.

Working with the Farmforce system allows Interveg to work more efficiently, with data now being secure and having an increased degree of accuracy and an improved way of working. Customers are confident and trust in Interveg. The improved working via Farmforce helps to maintain great customer relationships. 

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