Farmforce Success Stories

Subati Herbs Kenya Greenhouse staff discussing and practicing on Farmforce during a training to further leveraging the digital data on the platform to better track their year-on-year production and performance.

Subati Herbs (Export Horticulture/IFC, Kenya)

Nov 2020 – Leading Kenyan greenhouse producer uses Farmforce for digital input traceability to rapidly resolve customer MRL (maximum residue level) concerns. With all farming records on Farmforce, Subati quickly troubleshoots reports that a shipment of marjoram had unapproved chemical residue, tracing it to an irrigation system issue. Customers need to trust suppliers – the ability to ask production specifics and to receive a quick, professional response backed by transparent data reinforced Subati’s excellent reputation.

Farmforce Case Studies building access to finance in Malawi. Creating economic identities and digital credit histories for farmersAccess to formal credit for smallholder farmers.

Clinton Development Initiative (Soya/Access to Finance, Malawi)

Nov 2020 – How can we unlock smallholder access to finance and markets? Learn how CDI works with 32,000 Malawian farmers, recording loans disbursed and repaid in Farmforce to build digital economic identities with robust credit histories for farmers and co-ops. This transparency mitigates risk between farmers and banks, facilitating access to credit.

Case Study Kütaş Herbs & Spices. As the largest producer and golbal leader of pure oregano in the global market

Kütaş Herbs & Spices, McCormick Supplier (Herbs, Turkey)

Sept 2020 – Learn how the global leader in oregano leverages Farmforce to efficiently manage organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications to supply McCormick. With global demand increasing and additional certification pressure with sourcing from hundreds of smallholder farms, Kütaş sought a solution to expand its certified farmer base while more effectively managing growing operations.

SP Breweries, Heineken Subsidiary (Beer, Papua New Guinea)

Sep 2019 – Learn how a Heineken subsidiary in Papua New Guinea embraces Farmforce to reduce reliance on expensive imported barley by building a local starch supply chain with smallholders. The last-mile data captured by the brewer is analyzed and used to improve real-time sourcing visibility, assess crop productivity in the field and improve sourcing predictability. This case is highlighted by GSMA in their Landscaping New Opportunities for Digital Agriculture in Papua New Guinea.

Landscaping New opportunities for digital agriculture in Papua New Guinea. The PNGAC's mission is to increase smallholder farmer's incomes and improve their live lihoods through helping them capture a higher share of the cocoa supply chain.

Papua New Guinea Agriculture Company (Cocoa, PNG)

Sep 2019 – GSMA highlights Farmforce’s deployments in Papua New Guinea in Landscaping New Opportunities for Digital Agriculture in Papua New Guinea Read their case study on PNGAC, an independent, farmer-owned aggregator and exporter of cocoa, improving smallholder livelihoods with Farmforce’s digital tech…

Farmforce case studies Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate real-time,digital bag-level traceability enables transparent sourcing from 70,000 smallholder farmers in Cote d’Ivoire.

Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate (Cocoa, Cote d’Ivoire)

Mar 2019 – Cargill achieves real-time, digital bag-level cocoa traceability to enable transparent sourcing from 70,000+ smallholder farmers in Cote d’Ivoire…

Case study Acceso Haiti Leveraging digital field-level data to track commercial performance, guide strategic decisions, and quantify impact Transforming the Haitian Peanut Sector Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (Acceso), an agribusiness built by the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP).

Acceso (Peanuts, Haiti)

May 2018 – Acceso Haiti quantifies impact by leveraging digital field-level data…

Nigeria Cassava embraces Farmforce’s contract farmer management and traceability tools to supply Heineken and expand.

Psaltry Ltd (Cassava/Brewery, Nigeria)

Feb 2018 – Psaltry Nigeria improves farmer management and traceability tools…

GPS food safety traceability. The mapping functionality uses the GPS allow to accurately record the shape and size of the farmer's field,automatically calculating correct dosages of fertilizer and chemicals. The GPS also helps to identify where the field agents are and helps to monitor their daily activities.

Interveg (Horticulture, Kenya)

Oct 2016 – Interveg Kenya improves their internal processes…

Smart sustainable agriculture identify yield changes sooner and react faster. At Seed Asia deployed Farmforce in Thailand to digitize the production and quality management of more than 2,000 contract growers. Field agents use the Farmforce mobile application to record farmer locations, confirm planting data, manage seed quality factors , collect yield forecasts and record harvest traceability data.

Seed Asia (Seed Production, Thailand)

Nov 2015 – Seed Asia can identify yield changes sooner and react faster…

More on Farmforce

Farmforce is committed to leveraging technology to support agricultural development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Addressing SDGs

Farmforce sustainable product traceability functionality including Barcode scanner, Real-Time quota tracker and etc.

Sustainable Product Traceability

The agriculture Software as a serveice technology can help and give benefits for farmers and buyers.

Benefits for Farmers and Buyers (Cooperatives, NGOs, MNCs)

Farmforce is used by buyers in over 30 agricultural value chains, bringing specific benefits to a range of buyer categories.

Solutions for Cooperatives, NGOs, Aggregators and MNCs

The agriculture technologies deploy practical to support smallholder farmers sustainability in supply chains.

Driving Smallholder Impact

Digitizing the supply chain is the movement toward a completely integrated sequence of farmer quality of life.

Digitizing Supply Chain Data

Web and mobile platform features and functionalities enable more transparent and effective engagement between organization and smallholder farmers, driving mutual value.

Features and functionalities

The digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

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