Unveiling the Next Chapter: Introducing Farmforce Origin, Farmforce Orbit, Farmforce Connect, and Farmforce Insights

We are delighted to share a meaningful update with all our dedicated supporters. This transformative milestone signifies the evolution of our brand and a renewed commitment to serving you better. Today, we proudly unveil the new names of our solutions, bringing them together under the unified umbrella of Farmforce.

Farmforce Origin: Digitise Your First Mile

Formerly known as the Information Management System (IMS), Farmforce Origin represents a significant shift in perspective. It’s not just about managing information; it’s about where it all begins – your first mile. With Farmforce Origin, you can seamlessly digitise every aspect of your initial processes, laying the groundwork for sustainable practices starting from the beginning.

Farmforce Orbit: Monitor Your Sustainable Sourcing at Scale

The Global Management System (GMS) has evolved into Farmforce Orbit, reflecting our commitment to taking your sustainable sourcing to new heights. This solution provides a comprehensive view, empowering you to monitor and navigate the complexities of sustainable sourcing on a global scale. Farmforce Orbit is your tool to ensure that your sourcing practices align with your sustainability goals.

Farmforce Connect: Engage Your Farmer Network

Our beloved FarmerApp has transformed and is now known as Farmforce Connect. This change is more than a rebrand; it signifies that Farmforce Connect is more than just an app – it’s your direct line to engaging and empowering your farmer network. Stay connected, streamline communication, and foster a thriving community that supports sustainable agriculture.

Farmforce Insights: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

Introducing Farmforce Insights, our new Business Intelligence tool. It’s not just about data; it’s about gaining valuable insights that drive informed decisions. Farmforce Insights empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data, providing a deeper understanding of your operations and guiding you towards more sustainable and efficient practices.

Consistency, Brand Strength, and Purpose

The change in names is not merely cosmetic; it’s about ensuring consistency across our solutions, reinforcing our brand, and clearly defining the purpose of each key. We want to make sure that our commitment to you is evident in every product we offer, and this step is crucial to achieving that.

Discover More

We invite you to explore our solutions: Farmforce Origin, Farmforce Orbit, Farmforce Connect, and Farmforce Insights. Visit their dedicated pages to explore the features and benefits and discover how they can elevate your sustainability efforts.

This is a moment of pride for us, and we’re thrilled to continue this journey with you. Thank you for being integral to Farmforce, where sustainability, compliance, and operational excellence meet innovation.

Some questions you might have:

Q: Does this change affect my current URLs and server names?

A: No, you can maintain the same URLs and server names as usual.

Q: Will you provide us with training on this?

A: Additional training will not be needed as Farmforce is just updating the solution names. Any new deployments on the functionality will be managed through our regular release process.

Q: Will you provide us with other materials we can use with the new names?

A: Please discuss this request directly with your Customer Success team, so we can understand your needs more.

Q: Can you share more information on the name changes?

A: Should you need further information on these changes, please feel free to contact us or to reach out to your main point of contact.

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