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Unveiling Insights and Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

Welcome to Farmforce, where we strive to revolutionise agricultural supply chains by enabling sustainability and compliance. We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar, “The First Mile Traceability Barometer,” where we will share valuable insights from our recent survey report. This survey sheds light on significant trends in the agricultural market and highlights the critical need for traceability and sustainability in the industry.

Survey Highlights

Our survey results indicate a growing emphasis on responsible agriculture practices. Our findings reflect the increasing awareness and commitment of businesses towards sustainable sourcing.

We see a considerable gap in first mile traceability. This lack of traceability raises concerns, especially regarding importing deforestation-prone produce into the EU market. It emphasises the urgent need for forest-friendly supply chains and proactive measures to comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Webinar Overview

In our upcoming webinar, we will delve into the state of traceability practices in the agricultural industry and explore how Farmforce can help companies meet the impending regulations. By investing in advanced traceability solutions like Farmforce, businesses can safeguard their profits while fulfilling regulatory requirements. Taking action today will position companies as leaders in responsible sourcing, enhance supply chain visibility, and contribute to ecosystem preservation and community well-being.

Key Topics

By participating in The First Mile Traceability Barometer Webinar, you will:

  • Gain valuable insights into industry trends, consumer demand, and solutions at scale.
  • Learn how to meet the upcoming EU Deforestation Regulations.
  • Understand the benefits of implementing traceability solutions, including building trust, improving sustainability, and increasing supply chain efficiency.
  • Engage with experts in the field and access their knowledge and expertise.
  • Get a FREE and comprehensive checklist.

On The Agenda

  • Introduction: Purpose & Methodology
  • Presentation of The Regulatory Framework – by Janina Grabs
  • Deep Dive In Survey Results
  • What Does Compliance Mean?
  • EUDR Compliance Checklist
  • Q & A Session

The agricultural industry is at a crucial juncture, with the EU Deforestation Regulation set to take effect soon. Supply chain managers, sustainability managers, and other value chain stakeholders must be prepared to adapt to the changing landscape. Participating in our webinar will give you invaluable insights, guidance, and solutions to ensure compliance and drive positive change in your agricultural supply chain.

We’ve discussed the growing consumer-driven trend towards traceability and transparency in products. With real-time visibility into supply chains, companies can quickly identify potential disruptions and proactively mitigate issues. Technology and SaaS, like Farmforce, play key roles in supply chain resiliency.

The Traceability Barometer Report

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