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At in-cosmetics Global 2023, discover the New Sustainability Zone, Powered by Farmforce!

We at Farmforce think sustainability comes from accurate data and traceability, so we knew sponsoring The New Sustainability Zone, Powered By Farmforce, for in-cosmetics global was the right choice!

Traceability is Important in Vegetal and Essential Oils

The European market is ready to consume at least 30% of the total essential oils market today (source). Brands involved with vegetal, essential oils, and natural cosmetics are increasingly developing more sustainable practices and need software to provide easier record-keeping, auditing, and certification processes. With transparency comes brand trustworthiness and reputation.

Customers can expect software and service packages to include complete business analysis and our assistance in helping their teams define their traceability requirements and sustainability reporting requirements.

Industries in seeds, vegetal, and natural essential oils (including all other personal care and beauty industries) can develop data proving that earth-to-skin best practices and traceability are our goals. This brand protection is only possible with first mile solutions. Meet with us to get started!

Don’t Just Take It From Us

We have recently completed an educational collaboration with Fairoils, and we are very proud to share our “Fairoils: Empowered by Farmforce” Case Study.

Fairoils is harnessing Farmforce’s first mile data capabilities to manage thousands of smallholder farmers in Africa. The essential oil supplier is primarily set up to support international brands outside of Kenya, meaning all of their products are exported. Tapping into Farmforce-enabled first mile data, Fairoils can deliver the utmost visibility on sourcing their seeds, petals, or bark for the production of ethical oils, thus engaging sustainable beauty retailers. As one valued Farmforce customer explains,

“Farmforce helps us manage seedlings, inputs, and training records. We would not be able to function without it…”

Taylor Mackay, COO Kenya, Fairoils

Besides providing one of their customers with 100% earth-to-skin traceability of tea tree oil production, Fairoils also relies on Farmforce to handle a dozen more crops, including ginger, macadamia, and avocado. 

Additionally, our recent (and free) downloadable includes many insights into how Farmforce can be utilised within vegetal and essential oil supply chains, saving time and money.

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