Farmforce’s Sponsorship at in-cosmetics Global 2023

Our sponsorship for The New Sustainability Zone, Powered By Farmforce at in-cosmetics Global 2023, was a move we weren’t sure would be welcome for the industry. As it turns out, Farmforce’s solutions and software are exactly what dozens of Sustainability Managers, Traceability Specialists and other industry experts were eager to discuss. 

A New Look For The Personal Care and Beauty Industries

Farmforce’s historical experience and expertise within the cocoa supply chain and its associated geographies make for an ideal match with palm oil, coconut farming, and coconut oil industries. Insight into complex and long supply chains is what we do, and functional solutions in geographically disperse industries come with the job. This is something we are used to and something we can capitalise on for beauty and personal care. 

We have the Integrated Enterprise Deforestation Monitoring feature that can provide those in Palm Oil and Coconut Oil with traceability and fast. The need is here, and many attending in-cosmetics actively stated companies and brands are “not sure where to begin.” That’s where Farmforce steps in. 

Knowledge Sharing

While talking with brand owners, MNCs, and small cooperatives in Barcelona, we were able to learn about industries and their immediate needs in-depth. From how Grapeseed Oil is produced to active ingredients and end products, the industry is complex and intriguing. Unsurprisingly, this industry and the upward trend toward sustainable products, sustainable and ethical packaging and ingredients, humane treatment of everyone along the supply chain, and more begin in the first mile. 

Our initial impression within Personal Care and Beauty was “traceability” for brand protection was the top need. We surprisingly learned Deforestation and EU Deforestation Regulations (EUDR) are THE pain points industry-wide. The good news is that Farmforce’s software provides just that, EU compliance made easy and brand protection with accurate data. We are constantly innovating, meaning where the industry changes and adapts; our SaaS remains scalable and adaptable, too.

The first mile is where Farmforce has the most to offer, and while we invite you to view a few photos from the events, please check out our videos providing proof of resources for companies just like yours

Stay Tuned

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