Farmforce & Tata Coffee: Brewing Sustainability & EUDR Compliance

Tata Coffee, a leading coffee exporter and wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products Limited, understands the perfect cup goes beyond flavour. It’s an ethical journey. They prioritise EUDR compliance – ensuring a sustainable, responsible coffee supply chain. Their secret ingredient? Farmforce – a trusted traceability and transparency partner.

Navigating EUDR with Farmforce:

Imagine Tata Coffee’s field staff armed with Farmforce’s mobile apps, mapping farms for complete traceability and deforestation-free practices. Data-driven insights highlight potential social risks like child labour, allowing proactive intervention. Combine this with robust quality control and production quota tracking, and you have a transparent, responsible coffee supply chain – the hallmark of EUDR compliance.

Beyond Compliance: Brewing a Sustainable Future:

Tata Coffee’s vision extends beyond ticking boxes. They recognise a truly sustainable future requires thriving communities and protected ecosystems. Farmforce aligns perfectly, offering solutions that go beyond:

  • Empowering Smallholder Farmers: Farmforce Origin (digital farmer database) equips farmers with tools to thrive, providing agronomic support, improved record-keeping, and fairer market access.
  • Combating Deforestation: We help identify and mitigate deforestation risks by mapping farms and overlaying deforestation data, protecting precious ecosystems. Our ability to combine satellite validation supported by GFW for the supply chain’s Deforestation Risk Assessment and on-ground validation allows Tata to collect supplementary evidence on the risk-prone areas.
  • Promoting Ethical Labor Practices: Farmforce ensures the well-being of coffee producers through child labour monitoring, fair wages, and other living income surveys.

The Perfect Blend

For the Tata Coffee x Farmforce press release, please click here. This partnership is a testament to Tata Coffee’s commitment to a more sustainable coffee industry. It’s a story of shared values, innovative solutions, and a brewing impact that reaches far beyond a single cup.

Ready to brew your own cup of sustainability? Contact Farmforce today and discover how we can help you navigate the EUDR landscape and craft a responsible coffee future.

Key Highlights:

  • Solution: Farmforce traceability and transparency solutions
  • Challenge: EUDR compliance and sustainable coffee sourcing
  • Results: Transparent supply chain, deforestation-free practices, empowered farmers, ethical labour practices
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