Farmforce’s Global Reselling Program

We’re thrilled to unveil that we’ve been working on an ambitious project to expand the reach of our food traceability software throughout the world. Led by Hans Christian, our Head of Global Partnerships and Chief Commercial Officer, we’ve launched our global reselling program.

This initiative, a first-of-its-kind in digitising the food’s first mile to the best of our knowledge, will allow as many agri-business players as possible to leverage our supply chain management software as a service (SaaS).

“There are a lot of potential customers for Farmforce. How do we get in touch with everyone of them? If we’re going to do that through a direct channel, we would need to have a football field of sales people sitting here. And that’s not the smart way of doing it.”

Hans Christian Fleischer, Head of Global Partnerships, Farmforce

While a direct approach is still a core sales strategy for our company, developing a network of channel partners was the most cost-effective route for connecting with some types of customers in strategic locations such as Africa and LATAM. With this target in mind, over the last few months, we’ve planted the seed of our reselling infrastructure in Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, and Ivory Coast.

In line with our mission of cleaning up the food value chain, Farmforce has designed a rigorous process for vetting its resellers. First, they must meet the company’s high ethical standards and sign up for our Code of Conduct, confirming no involvement in corruption, child labour, etc. Aside from that, candidates will have country-specific market knowledge (e.g., maturity, crop type, etc.) and may include IT companies or consultancies already dealing with smallholder farmer’s cooperatives. Ultimately, our ideal channel partners will promote Farmforce rollout by providing the following three key services:

  • Resale
  • Technical implementation
  • Post-adoption seamless support

The selected partners will then go through a three-pronged training:

  • Overview of our agricultural supply chain software
  • A deeper understanding of how to implement Farmforce
  • Sales & Marketing (e.g., subscription options, core branding rules, etc.)

Once gained the required expertise, our resellers will showcase the benefits of our food supply chain technology to local traders and coops. By relying on this granular on-the-ground support, we’ll accelerate the scale-up of our food’s first mile solution across the globe.

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