Farmforce and RubberWay Partner to Enhance Sustainability and Traceability in Rubber Supply Chains

Farmforce is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with RubberWay, a leading provider of sustainable solutions for the rubber industry. This collaboration combines Farmforce’s expertise in traceability and sustainability solutions for agricultural supply chains with RubberWay’s knowledge of sustainable rubber production.

“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to advancing sustainability and traceability in agricultural supply chains. Together with RubberWay, we aim to create a more transparent, responsible, and resilient rubber industry.”

Norbert Binot, Global Sales Director of Farmforce

Scaling Impact

Following a successful pilot phase involving 5 factories in Indonesia and Thailand, RubberWay and Farmforce have embarked on large-scale deployment of their solution, collaborating with a minimum of 70 processing factories across at least 8 countries in 2024. The platform currently boasts registrations from over 10,000 farms.

RubberWay already serves major tyre manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, and Sumitomo. These industry leaders are geared to adopt RubberWay’s platform as their preferred tool for addressing EUDR Compliance.

Revolutionising the Rubber Supply Chain

This partnership aims to revolutionise the rubber supply chain by creating a comprehensive solution that enhances transparency, traceability, and sustainability across the entire value chain. EUDR is a top concern for rubber manufacturers and producers of all sizes. With RubberWay, EUDR compliance through Farmforce’s tech is possible.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a leading traceability expert, providing our corporate clients with an advanced solution tailored to their EUDR requirements”. 

Côme de la Porte, Head of Operations at RubberWay

You can view the full Press Release here!

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