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Farmforce strives to build trust and transparency in the agricultural first mile. We do this by delivering digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

Our solutions empower organizations sourcing from smallholder and medium scale farmers in emerging markets to understand where their products originate, how they were grown and to connect with global markets. Through a bush-proof web and mobile platform, clients have visibility down to the field level while also building a fully traceable supply chain.

Since 2012, the team at Farmforce has innovated with digital and mobile technologies, refining our product offering collaboratively through user-driven design and iterating with clients and their field agents at the farm level.

This commitment to listening to client needs and on-the-ground testing and deployments has enabled us to build a robust cloud-hosted platform, delivered by pragmatic and tenacious local teams of our experts across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We see the need and demand for ICT tools to support a more globally connected and digitized supply chain and aim to be at the forefront of this growth in emerging markets, working to provide solutions that enable smallholder farmers to realize livelihood-enhancing benefits through improved market access.

Board of Directors

Title:Board Chair

Grethe Viksaas
Board Chair

Title:Board Member

Danat Tekie
Board Member

Title:Board Member

Nils Thommessen
Board Member

Ola Nilsson Board Member of Farmforce AS

Ola Svensson
Board Member

Title:Board Member

John-Arne Hørløck
Board Member


Title:Chief Executive Officer

Anne Jorun Aas
Chief Executive Officer

Title:VP of Sales and Marketing

Pilar Castillo
VP of Sales and Marketing

Title:Head of Security and Quality

Anders Ellefsrud
Head of Security and Quality

Title:Head of Global Partnerships

Hans Christian Fleischer
Head of Global Partnerships

Title:Head of Product and Development

Knut Rand
Head of Product and Development

John Bentham Head of Employee Engagement of Farmforce AS

John Bentham
Head of Employee Engagement

Head of Software Development

Erik Sperling Johansen
Head of Software Development

Title:IT Manager

Jon Petter Bjerke
IT Manager

Title:Marketing and Communications Manager

Arnaud Dupuis
Marketing and Communications Manager

Title:Marketing and Sales Associate

Abigail Høier Hoel
Sales Account Manager

Title:Strategic Advisor

Laura Johnson Blair
Strategic Advisor

Title:Key Account Manager

Pauline Hilley
Key Account Manager

Henrik Sandal Business Developer of Farmforce AS

Henrik Sandal
Business Developer

Title:Implementation Analyst

Vilde Nakkim
Implementation Analyst

Title: Implementation Analyst

Radha Venugopal Gounder
Implementation Analyst

Blessing Awotokun
Implementation Analyst


Title:Chief Revenue Officer

Chuck Mulloy
Chief Revenue Officer

Title:Head of Customer Success

Spencer Morley
Head of Customer Success

Title:Head of Implementation

Stephanie Dizon
Head of Implementation

Title:Implementation and Support Manager

Eakarot Hemanidhi
Implementation and Support Manager

Title:Testing and Support Analyst

Natthaphon Mitsattha
Testing and Support Analyst

Title:Testing and Implementation Analyst

Thanarit Chaiwatthana
Testing and Implementation Analyst

Title:Implementation Analyst

Po-Tsao (Bruce) Chen
Implementation Analyst


Faith Kamenchu Team Leader Africa of Farmforce AS

Faith Kamenchu
Team Leader – Africa

Reu Nyandoro Customer Service Analyst Africa of Farmforce AS

Reu Nyandoro
Customer Service Analyst – Africa

Country Manager of Cote d'Ivoire

Pierre Gondo
Country Manager of Cote d’Ivoire – Africa

Latin America/Guatemala

Nestor Barrientos Project Manager of Farmforce AS

Nestor Barrientos
Project Manager

The digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

Nairobi – Abidjan – Bangkok – Guatemala City – Quito – Oslo

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